Personalized American Family Flag Woven Blanket

$103.50 USD

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Celebrate your family's love of country with this beautiful personalized woven blanket!

In this design, the American bald eagle flies boldly above the American flag, clutching a yellow ribbon in its talons.

Why a yellow ribbon?
For hundreds of years, the yellow ribbon has been a powerful symbol of remembrance and devotion.

Young women would wear a yellow ribbon as a pledge of faithfulness to the one they love while they were apart, signalling that they were taken and not available for courtship. And if asked about the ribbon, they might tell you their story of a loved one far away.

Today, wives, mothers and sisters continue to wear & display yellow ribbons as visual reminders of loved ones so very far away. It is their way of showing the world that they are thinking of their soldiers, sailors, and airmen serving their country, and they are praying for their safe return.

We are therefore honored to incorporate the yellow ribbon in this new custom woven blanket design.

Personalized with your details:
Your can customize this symbol of patriotism with a family motto or phrase at the top, and your family name at the bottom. 
Just type in the names and phrases you want in the customization text box above, and we will weave them into this timeless family heirloom, custom made just for you.
Please note - each line on the blanket can only have 20 characters including spaces. We do our best to accommodate custom requests, so if we have any questions after we receive your order, we will contact you before weaving your blanket.
If required, you can also use the "Note to Custom Woven Blankets:" text box shown at checkout, to add additional instructions about your order.

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Woven by our Master Weavers in North Carolina, this blanket is manufactured from 100% cotton and made to the highest possible standards.

The blanket in this photo is 60 x 50 inches in size. It’s the perfect size to cuddle up with on the couch!

Also note: This is NOT a thin lightweight "photo blanket" or "fleece blanket", this is a genuinely WOVEN blanket throw, made from heavy cotton thread, with the design woven directly into the fabric itself. The design will never 'wear off' and this throw has a deluxe plush soft feel which we believe you will love.

Size: This custom blanket is available in this size - Medium - 60 x 50 inches (most popular size for adults)

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Delivery Time: This blanket is custom made for you upon receipt of your order. Please allow a manufacturing time of 3-7 business days plus 2-5 business days for USPS Priority Mail shipping from North Carolina.

Guarantee: Our personalized blankets such as this one, carry our 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back, subject only to errors in the information provided by the purchaser. Therefore please double-check the details you have provided in the selection & text boxes above, to be sure it is correct.
If you notice any errors when you receive your Order Confirmation Email, contact us immediately so we can attempt to make corrections before going into production. Thank you!