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Tudor Rose Deluxe Woven Blanket Throw


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A Tudor Time Traveler’s Delight!

As you turn the pages of your favorite Tudor novel, or settle in to binge on the latest Tudor mini-series, wrap yourself in period history with this luxurious Tudor Rose design woven throw. As the drama unfolds, let your imagination transport you to the 16th century, wrapped in the warmth and beauty of the Tudor rose, the symbol of the birth of the Tudor dynasty.

About the Tudor Rose Design

In 15th century England, two powerful noble houses, the House of Lancaster and the House of York, were engaged in civil war. At stake, was the crown of England. The 32-year series of conflicts came to be known as the Wars of the Roses, symbolized by the red rose of Lancaster against the white rose of York.

In 1485, the reigning monarch was Richard III, of the House of York. He was overthrown by Henry VII of the House of Lancaster, at the Battle of Bosworth, the final battle which ended the Wars of the Roses.

Henry VII chose as his bride Elizabeth of York, thus uniting the two warring houses. Their marriage marked the end of the Wars of the Roses and the beginning of the Tudor dynasty. 

The symbol of their union is the Tudor Rose - five white inner petals representing the House of York and five red outer petals representing the House of Lancaster. It endures to this day as a national emblem of England.

The stunning design of this unique 60" x 50" cotton woven blanket was inspired by a photograph of an antique stained glass piece incorporating the Tudor Rose, the red rose of Lancaster, and the white rose of York. All imagery is used under license of Tomkinson’s Stained Glass, England.

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This is not a thin mass-produced "photo blanket" or "fleece blanket"; Custom Woven Blankets are genuinely WOVEN throws, measuring 60 inches by 50 inches, made in America from sturdy 100% cotton thread. The yarn pattern itself makes the design, meaning it will never wear or wash off. Our blankets are lightweight and comfortable with a deluxe, plush, soft feel we're confident you'll love.

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